Pagan Indigenous Solidarity

Prayers and Support at Samhain Needed

IMG_1884As Witches and Pagans, this is a time we honor and work with our Beloved Dead.  We work with our ancestors of blood and spirit to ensure the spiral dance of life continues, we work with them to get the wisdom and courage to do what is needed to do defend and protect the sacred elements of life.


At this intense time, this magical time when the veil is thin,  please throw a strong thread of connection out to strengthen the web of others engaged in this work. Working together in this world and between the worlds, our web of connection strengthens our ability to keep the web of life whole.


The uprising in defense of the sacred that is happening at Standing Rock has called out for renewed support and prayers. We can give that.   Al Gore, Bernie Sanders, Joan Baez, Jesse Jackson and many other public figures have made statements of support. Even the Episcopal church has issued a statement of support. With the support, comes intensifying resistance and violence.


Thousands of wild buffalo came to standing rock to take their stand as water protectors

Thousands of wild buffalo came to Standing Rock to take their stand as water protectors

Why, despite the increasing support, are non-violent water protectors being maced, shot with concussion grenades and rubber bullets, clubbed, arrested and strip searched? Why is the acquittal of white men for their armed occupation of federal land on the cover of the New York Times while nothing was mentioned of the peaceful water protectors being brutally attacked on the same day?


The answer lies in this uprising being crucial to the future of this planet, a future that requires the defense of the sacred rather than the defense of corporate greed.  This uprising is not only for Native American sovereignty but the sovereignty of indigenous people globally.  This uprising signals the demise of big oil; of fracking and pipelines becoming a thing of the past. This uprising also is about the power of pagan prayer, the power of holding the earth herself as sacred.  This is an uprising that is not being televised yet is spreading.  Every one of us plays a crucial part. By simply sharing what is happening, we do something. With prayer, we do more.

If you have been watching on social media, you may have seen the buffalo herds show up yesterday. This was a thing of beauty, an answering of prayers. When we work with the elements of life, when we work with the web of life, the web of life works with us. Let us join in prayer and magic with Standing Rock. Together. we make the web of life stronger.


Take some time this Samhain to work in both worlds to support the uprising at Standing Rock.  Between the worlds, work the magic you feel called to. If you aren’t acquainted with Crazy Horse, you might read up on him and honor him on your altar. Increase the power of spells by sharing them. Reach out and connect.


We’ve gathered close to 5,000 signatures of support for Standing Rock from the Pagan community. If all of us do some magic and mundane support this week, Standing Rock will feel it.


Let it begin, NOW!!!

Deborah Oak



13 Things to Do:

  1. Stay tuned to social media regarding what is going on. You will learn more here than on mainstream media. Share what you learn and spread the word that support is needed. We are in time that citizen media is more reliable than mainstream.

2.Call North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200. You can leave a message stating your thoughts about this.  The racism of North Dakota is being revealed.  Let him know that.

  1. Sign the petition to the White House to Stop DAPL:
  2. Donate to support the Standing Rock Sioux at–dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/You can also donate to The Red Warrior Camp who are doing non-violent direct action.
  3. Donate items from the Sacred Stone Camp Supply List: or check out the wish list on Amazon under Standing Rock.  If you order from Amazon, invoke that mighty river and the warriors as you push send.
  4. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111or (202) 456-1414. Tell President Obama to rescind the Army Corps of Engineers’ Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  5. Contribute to the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense Fund:
  6. Contribute to the Sacred Stone Camp gofundme account:
  7. Call the Army Corps of Engineers and demand that they reverse the permit: (202) 761-5903
  8. Sign other petitions asking President Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Here’s the latest to cross my desk –
  9. Call the executives of the companies that are building the pipeline:
  10. Lee Hanse

Executive Vice President

Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.

800 E Sonterra Blvd #400

San Antonio, Texas 78258

Telephone: (210) 403-6455

  1. Glenn Emery

Vice President

Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.

800 E Sonterra Blvd #400

San Antonio, Texas 78258

Telephone: (210) 403-6762

  1. Michael (Cliff) Waters

Lead Analyst

Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.

1300 Main St.

Houston, Texas 77002

Telephone: (713) 989-2404

  1. You can go there. We are welcomed. If you go, get training in non-violent civil disobedience at the camp. If you can train others, train them.
  2. Do magic and pagan prayer.  Share the spells and prayers you are casting. And share any other ways you have of supporting Standing Rock.