Pagan Indigenous Solidarity

Calling all Herbalists and Hedge Witches!


Update on 12/1/16: At this point healers at camp have reported that they are navigating through the donations they have already and in response to the changing needs at camp, the best way to support is through monetary donations.  You can read more up to date reports from the Medic-healer Council and learn about volunteer opportunities at Standing Rock Here.

Call-out for herbal remedies to support the earth defenders at Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock who are resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline running thru their lands and waters. Please invite others and share this event so that herbalists near + far can support the resistance. May we all make + send good medicine in the spirit of solidarity and supporting our movements for the long haul. Herbals needs and additional info below. If you have any questions, please connect with this Facebook page for more info.

There is a great need for:::
-eczema salves
-immunity syrups + (alcohol-free) tinctures
-lip balm
-calming teas + revitalizing teas [especially mint tea and raw honey]

There’s also a need for::
-arthritis remedies
-lung congestion remedies
-warming herbs
-culinary herbs for the kitchen, especially mint
-warm clothes for all ages + sizes, specifically long skirts (can also be used as packing material to protect remedies!)

*no alcohol-based remedies please* please *individually bottle* remedies so that they are ready to be distributed once they arrive, and label each container with what the remedy is/what it’s for, the general dosage, and the ingredients. herbal tea can be sent in bulk. feel free to check in with any questions. and feel free to post photos of what you’re sending at this page

Remedies can be sent to:::
Linda Black Elk
PO Box 924
Mobridge, SD 57601



  1. MicheleRobbins

    I have thyme that can be used as a tea for lung congestion. Would this be helpful? Also, I have dried loose leaves of white sage if it is needed. Please let me know if these items would be of use. Ifso I will gladly send it.

    Michele Robbins

    1. paganadm (Post author)

      Hi Michele! Thx for your support! Please contact the folks on the ground through the FB page. Just click on the link on this page.

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    1. paganadm (Post author)

      Thanks for sharing the statement! Please link to the letter on your site so that your supporters can add their names to the list.

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  4. Dylara Cole

    I am mixed bloods, but I am on the internet and saying as much as I can. Many people just don’t know what is going on. I am asking all my friends and family, to not be SILENT, to use the media to get this out in front of the news. If it can stay in the headlines, I KNOW IT WILL CHANGE. Just don’t let this be swept under the rug as usual. I believe there are many people that will stand up IF you tell them what you need and ask them to help. Don’t let this go silent!!!!

    1. paganadm (Post author)

      Thank you for your comments and your faith Dayrla! I agree we must speak up.

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