Pagan Indigenous Solidarity

Solidarity with Standing Rock

The water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux is threatened by construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, which was permitted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in late July, despite the objections of three federal agencies including the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.  Indigenous Peoples and their allies from across the land have gathered at Sacred Stone Camp to block the development of the pipeline.

In late August, witches from Reclaiming crafted a statement of solidarity with the efforts at Standing Rock for Pagans of all traditions to sign onto.  In 24 hours the statement has gathered over 1,000 supporters from around the world.  Please take a min to add your support to the statement by clicking on the links below and then share with your friends and networks.  We will deliver this information to the Tribe on September 5th.  After you sign, please check out the Standing Rock page to find out ways to support efforts to block the Dakota Access Pipeline.

If signing for a group / coven / organization:
If signing individually:


  1. Isabel Herrera Hagar

    It is time for those of us of any ethnicity or spiritual background or belief to stand together to protect Mother Earth. Greed and profit should not be the be all and end all. If you care for your children, your future, the future of our home, our planet please stand in solidarity with Standing Rock. Mother Earth Matters!

  2. Diane Brown

    We stand with the tribes. Water, land, and air are sacred and we need them to sustain life. Oil, fracking, and nukes are ruining our homes here on planet earth and threatening our survival. We are done. The sun and wind are clean. For too many years the tribes have been ignored. No longer. We stand with them. Stop that pipeline and get off their land. Stop bullying and hurting people to steal their land. Of terrorists poisoned our water we would be horrified yet corporations do it every day. Time to end this and protect the land and water and air and tribes!

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  4. Patricia Hixon

    I stand with the Tribes to protect Mother Earth, Sacred Sites and Life bringing water. Stop this pipeline and let ALL people live in peace. We can not drink oil nor eat money.

  5. Katrina Ragozy

    I stand with you all

    1. paganadm (Post author)

      Thank you for your solidarity.

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