Pagan Indigenous Solidarity

Group Support

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Organizations in Support

Temple of the Waters
Reclaiming Group Berlin-Brandenburg
The Warriors’Call- Pagans United against Fracking
Verein für Germanisches Heidentum e.V. – Association for germanic heathenry
HearthStone Grove, ADF
Tangleroot Hive
Four Winds Sanctuary
The Warriors Call
Oak Shield Grove
Pagans for the Green Party
Heartroot Coven
Greater Fredericton Area Witches
The Order of the Elemental Mysteries
The EarthSpirit Community
Reclaiming Pittsburgh
Vajra & Rose household
Natives of the Earth
Montréal Witches
Trillium Reclaiming
Reclaiming Heckenthing
West Central Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc
Tribe of the Oak Druids
Sternschnuppe Mysterien Schule
Cottage of the Crone
Comhaltacht na nGaedheal: Cairdreabh nan Gàidheal
Circle of the Sacred Beasts
Hive Tribe Reclaiming
Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride Supporters Group
Feral Pagans of the Olympics
Gaels of the Boston States
Reclaiming Los Angeles
Gaia Grove
Sisters of the moonlight coven
Sisterhood of Sekhmet
Triple Spiral of Dún na Sidhe
Grove of the Morning Star
crones of color
Black Swans
Temple in the Grove
Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming
Tree of Knowledge Coven
Emerald Grove, RDNA
Spiral Circle CUUP’s
OKC Witch Hat Society
RavenWood Coven
Circle of Cerridwen
Zaishta Church
Fire of the Mother Temple
Hearts Light
Living Earth
Beltania – An Annual Earth-Centered Festival
Mountain Ancestors Grove, ADF
Children of the Black Earth
WomynSpirit Continuum
Tree Perspective
Desert Sky Coven
Reclaiming Quarterly
Reclaiming the Radiant Wild
Earth Activist Training
Casa Eugene Household
As We Are Coven (Reclaiming)
Winter Witchcamp
Reclaiming Braunschweiger Land
Little Feather Interpretive Center
The Jerusalem Tribe
Star Song of Westport, Wa.
Spirit Weavers Gathering
Earth Traditions
Gaia’s Womb
Philly Reclaiming
the tribe of the drums
Little Feather Dakota
Coven Of The Myst
Xochipilli, Latino Men’s Circle
Frigga’s Wisdom Hearth